Wednesday, March 18, 2015

3/18/15 - Week 23: Grapefruit

Today the baby is the size of...

(My other site said a grapefruit, and I'm sorry but there are no 8-10" grapefruits out there!  
So we put two together and he's even longer than this!)

Today marks the start of my 6th month of pregnancy. Somehow this is the last month of my second trimester. Then we are headed towards the finish line!

Little Blackbird's face is fully formed this week and he will start to fill it out with a little extra fat. His lungs are starting to mature and he is also forming nipples... How exciting!

I also learned that by the end of this month, my uterus will be the size of a basketball.



I'm having a nesting surge and am likely driving my wife insane. I feel like there is so much left to do!

But I'm trying to remind myself that it will all get finished and little boy really doesn't need much once he's here. He will need lots of love and we've got him covered on that front!

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