Monday, February 16, 2015

2/16/15 - Pasteur-What?

Today we had to say goodbye to our little suite at the Hotel Drisco.

We walked around our Pacific Heights neighborhood for a little bit and the views were amazing.

We ended up in North Beach for lunch and had a killer meatball sandwich with a salad.  
Then it was time to head to the airport.  

Now we know airports aren't known for their food.  We thought we selected the lesser of two evils when we sat at a Mexican restaurant.  Julia ordered me a chicken quesadilla and this conversation ensued:

Julia: I wanted to make sure the cheese is pasteurized on the quesadilla.
Cashier: Yes, it has cheese on it.
Julia: Right, I wanted to know if it's pasteurized.
Cashier: The cheese is melted on top.
Julia: But is it pasteurized?
Cashier (to another waitress): Can you see what she means? I don't know what she's asking.
Julia (to the new waitress): Is the cheese in the quesadilla pasteurized?
New Waitress: Um, I don't know.  Let me ask the cook. (To the cook) Is the cheese pasteurized?
Cook: I don't know, I just cook it.
New Waitress: Sorry, we just don't have that information.
Kayt: Babe, I'm sure it's fine, JUST GET IT!

We like to make sure all cheese I eat is pasteurized to protect baby Blackbird and I'm sure all cheese in the airport is pasteurized and probably has a shelf life of 50 years, but we like to be extra sure!

Let's just say that when the quesadilla arrived, the cheese was the least of our problems.  Some of the chicken looked pink and some looked brown.  We abandoned ship and opted for a veggie pizza across the aisle.

Airport food aside, we had an amazing mini-babymoon in San Francisco.  That city is so special to us and it's still hard to believe we were there while I'm pregnant with our son.

Speaking of baby boy, here's week 18!
And after eating all of this amazing food this weekend, my belly button is almost ready to pop out!
It's crazy!!!

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