Sunday, February 15, 2015

2/15/15 - Please Sir, May I Have Some More

We have slowly been eating our way around the incredible city of San Francisco.
The weather has been amazingly warm, in the low 70s. Even the cherry blossoms are in bloom.

Yesterday we had delicious pizza for lunch at Pizzeria Delfina.

Sadly, I couldn't enjoy the burrata pie that my wife did, but my margherita pizza was pretty great.

We walked around afterwards looking at little shops and then took a nap back at our hotel. Afternoon naps are the best thing ever.

Dinner consisted of room service and watching the movie, The Grand Budapest Hotel. It was a pretty great night staying in.

Today we ventured out for the famous Bi-Rite creamery after breakfast. Who doesn't want ice cream before lunch?!

On the way there, we passed the Painted Ladies from Full House!

The ice cream was so delicious I forgot to take a photo of it...but I do have this to share with the guy who took one look at my belly and said, "Congratulations!"

(Photo courtesy of Tommy)

Then after a little more walking, we ended up at Chrissy Field, the beach near the Golden Gate Bridge. It was so warm that everyone was out enjoying the day.

After a brief walk through the Palace of the Fine Arts (where my wife adorably quoted the scene from one of my favorite movies, The Rock), we ended up at a Peruvian restaurant for lunch. Now I can proudly order a sandwich with a side of mixed greens AND French fries. Why choose between a salad and fries?! Go for the gold baby!

With very full bellies, we came back to the hotel for an afternoon nap. (Well, that was after we stopped for a little frozen yogurt. I just needed a sweet taste after lunch, what can I say?)

Then it was time for dinner and we had reservations at this adorable place called Marlowe.

I've become a connoisseur of sparkling water over these five months, and Badoit is definitely my favorite!

Dinner was fine (Julia's chicken was way better than my pork chop entree, but at least she shared!). Let's just skip to the dessert.

Chocolate covered.
Peanut butter filled.
Pretzel bites.

Ohmygod they were so good. And we got two glasses of milk to go with them. It was such a cute restaurant and that dessert was ridiculous.

Thanks to the Motrin and many Uber rides, I'm feeling so much better and haven't had to walk too much.

Tomorrow we head back to LA, but not before a few more fabulous meals!

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