Wednesday, February 11, 2015

2/11/15 - Week 18: Sweet Potato

Today the baby is the size of...

(And on another website, it said he is also the size of a soda can!)


Our sweet baby boy is a sweet potato and the best news yet: HE CAN HEAR US! My soon to be biggest fan gets to hear my lovely speaking (and singing!) voice all day long!

We are going to start switching from Rage Against The Machine to Mozart on my iPod ;)

Also, I feel like I might have felt some movement flutters but I will keep you posted on when I feel it for sure...

My round ligament pain is definitely still there but this is the first morning that I feel a bit of an improvement. Hoping I'm getting over the hump with this and will soon feel (semi) normal again.

So this week Blackbird's nervous system is kicking into high gear and my uterus is now the size of a CANTALOUPE. No wonder I've been feeling the RLP!

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