Monday, January 5, 2015

1/5/15 - New Doctor

Today we met with our new OB who will be our doctor for the remainder of the pregnancy. He is so nice and everyone in the office was lovely.

And I had an ultrasound! My favorite thing! We saw Blackbird moving around like crazy cause they were pushing on my belly. Blackbird was like, "Yo I'm sleeping in here!"

They did a big test for Down syndrome by measuring the amount of fluid in the back of the baby's neck. How someone thought of that test and correlation, I have no idea! They said Down's babies have a higher amount of fluid and will have a number greater than 3. We had 1.47 so they are not concerned and they said everything looks beautiful!

There was a large projection of the image on the wall and I started tearing up (again!) because it looks so much like a baby! Blackbird is in there and the heart is beating and everything is perfect! I still can't believe this is happening sometimes. The baby is only about 2 inches long but so many things are fully formed and we could see the nose and arms and legs moving around. They said that the placenta has moved up a little and isn't covering the cervix anymore. It is still low but has moved from the last scan. Which would explain why I haven't really had spotting in several days thank god. I think it might be moving on up!

Hopefully by the end of this week we will have the other genetic blood results that also check for Down's and measure that with some 99%+ accuracy. I really am not concerned that Blackbird has any chromosome abnormalities. I believe deep down that this is meant to be and everything will progress as it should.

And now somehow I have to wait 4 weeks until the next ultrasound! I joked about buying our own ultrasound machine... But I wasn't really joking!

I also had to get a Rhogam shot today. Because my blood type is A- and the doctors assume that the baby's blood is +, I need a shot that gives me the positive antibodies. This will not affect this pregnancy but helps protect our next baby. Like when you get a cold for the first time, your body doesn't know what it is. But the second time it tries to fight it. So because I don't have the positive antibodies, I might see the next pregnancy as a threat and try to fight it. All of this science is so amazing to me.

Ultrasound countdown = 4 weeks

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