Tuesday, January 27, 2015

1/27/15 - Pregnancy Brain

If you've heard of pregnancy brain, trust me, it's real. It makes you forget things that you normally wouldn't. I read an article that said during pregnancy you actually lose brain cells! Of course I can't remember what it said about why...

Now I don't have the best memory to begin with, but I usually remember to bring my lunch bag home from work. Until pregnancy brain hits.
And I forget everything.
Like math.

Today I was setting up a meeting for 10:30am EST. 
Clearly I figured that would be 1:30pm PST. So I set the whole damn thing up and then realized...

10:30am EST is 7:30am PST.
Not 1:30pm PST.

I even counted on my fingers the 3 hour time difference.
I just went in the wrong direction!

Because I have no brain anymore.

Stay tuned for more because I'm sure this will happen again!

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