Saturday, January 24, 2015

1/24/15 - A Dry Run To The ER

Late last night I had a small amount of spotting. I had felt pressure and thought maybe it was because I ate too much. (How can I resist a meatball sandwich, mozzarella sticks and ice-cream?!) 

Well then there was a little more spotting this morning. And around noon it became even more and was getting reddish in color. All of this scared the shit out of me of course.

I had already been through this last month and thought now that I'm in the second trimester and the placenta moved up a little we were fine.

So I emailed my doctor out of an abundance of caution. He said he believes all is well but with feeling pressure and having some bleeding, I should go to the ER to get checked out. As soon as I read this I started crying. I have been through the spotting before and remembered that unless I have severe cramping (I do not) and excessive bleeding (I do not) then I should be fine. But reading a note from your doctor saying go to the ER is terrifying.

So we took deep breaths and drove to the hospital. We decided to call it a hospital labor and delivery dry run. Well maybe it was good we are here today because we parked at the wrong entrance! We thought it was the ER but when we got inside we had to walk pretty far just to get to the ER. As soon as we made it there we saw the other parking entrance. So thank god I wasn't in labor!

So by now we are checked in and have been here for about two hours waiting to be seen. At least that means I'm not life threatening. We know our little boy will be ok. We just want to know why there is bleeding and of course this happens on a Saturday, so therefore we end up in the ER. Let's hope I don't come back until I'm in labor and we are ready to meet our little miracle.

Several hours later....

After being here for 7 hours and now waiting to be discharged, here is what we learned today. The doctor asked me to come in because he was concerned about a condition where the cervix actually shortens. It happens around this week in pregnancy and my symptoms made him want to get this checked out. Luckily my doctor was on call so we got to see him! And he said if the cervix was shortening there are things they could do to help it.

Well thank god the cervix didn't shorten so we don't need to worry about that. I had an extensive ultrasound done and the baby looks great! His heart rate is perfect and they measured all parts of him and he is growing right on track. And we saw his little boy part!!!!! So there is no denying that this baby is a little boy!

The placenta is still low and I might have a vasa previa which means that part of the placenta, the outer most part that contains blood vessels, is on the cervix. So this can cause spotting. Then they did a pelvic exam and saw a small polyp on my cervix which can just happen naturally and isn't necessarily because of the pregnancy. The doctor said he isn't concerned with either of these things.  So I just have to take it easy. And I could have spotting for several more days but again as long as it isn't heavy bleeding and there is no severe cramping, I will be fine.

I see our doctor again in just over a week and he said that will be a great time to reevaluate.

So thank god all is well. And when we saw our little boy, I started crying. His heartbeat is normal and he is growing perfectly and he was moving around and we saw his fingers and he looks so much more like a baby. We love him so much and are so relieved he is ok.

ER dry run complete.
Let's not come back until we are in labor in July!

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