Wednesday, January 21, 2015

1/21/15 - Week 15: Navel Orange

Today the baby is the size of...

I can't believe this little boy is so big already. He now has eyebrows and his boy parts are continuing to develop! Usually you can't see them on an ultrasound for two more weeks but we already know from that awesome blood test!

I can't feel anything yet but he is moving around in there and even wiggling his fingers and toes. We are so excited to meet this tiny little guy. Without a doubt the only guy who has stolen my heart!

It's still hard to believe this is happening and it all seems to happen so fast. Especially with him being orange-sized already!  I think part of it is because I waited so long for this to happen. I wanted it so badly. And now that it's finally here, our little miracle, I'm afraid something will happen and it will be taken away. It's hard to 100% let go and be completely happy and know that this is really happening. I keep thinking, "Let me see him one more time in another ultrasound." I want to make sure he's ok in there!

I know that as the weeks and months go on, this will become more and more real and I will feel more confident that this is happening and that it's ok to celebrate.

But for now, can I just have my own ultrasound machine please?!?!

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