Tuesday, January 13, 2015

1/13/15 - It's A...

Last night we had the most amazing night. Julia and I went out to dinner and after we ordered we both felt that it was time to reveal the baby's gender. I was so nervous and anxious that in a matter of seconds we would know what we are having!

Yesterday after talking to the doctor, she asked me if we want to know the gender. I said we did but I asked her to tell my friend who will also be our doula. So I handed off the phone, walked away and suddenly my friend knew what the baby inside of me was and I didn't! She wrote it down and gave it to me in a special card.

Julia and I slowly opened the card because I didn't want to see anything prematurely.

My friend has quite a sense of humor ;)

Then I slowly peeled this tape back to reveal...

We both fell back in our seats and said together, "Oh My God!" 
I was so sure it was a girl. Nearly my entire family thought it was a girl. 
My grandmother bought the baby a pink rattle for Christmas, that's how sure she was! 
The title of this blog used to be pink, that's how sure I was!

So after the initial shock wore off of being completely wrong, we started talking about our life with this little boy. Little boys love their mommies and he will have two of them. We are going to raise a good man for this world and feel honored to have the opportunity to do so.

Our baby Blackbird.
Our little boy.
Suddenly everything is becoming more real. We are having a baby and he is healthy! We are so excited.

Fixing things around the house.
Soccer games.
Orange slices.

We would have done all of these things with a baby girl. But now we know the gender and it's so much fun to picture our life with him. He is already so loved and we can't wait to meet him.

It's also special because the name we had chosen for a boy comes from my side of the family. So that is a gift I can give to him. That makes me feel extra special as he and I continue this journey of pregnancy.

Cheers to our healthy little boy!

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