Monday, January 12, 2015

1/12/15 - A Sigh Of Relief

We finally (after two impatient weeks of waiting) got our final genetic blood test back. They had taken my blood and checked a ton of chromosome abnormalities that the baby could have, including Down syndrome and Edwards syndrome. They also tested for 8 micro deletions that could be a result of doing the ICSI process when the eggs were fertilized.

All came back negative.
Blackbird is healthy and doing just fine!!!

I got off the phone with the doctor and it all washed over me. I started tearing up at my desk. We had complete confidence that everything was fine and Blackbird was healthy. But to get that call and have the confirmation was such a relief.

And we now can know the baby's gender because they tested for X and Y chromosomes. The result was conclusive so it's one or the other!

We have the answer written down and tonight, Julia and I are going out to dinner (Italian food, I can't wait!) and we will open the envelope!

I'm so excited to know! This will bring everything together and now we can picture our life with this healthy baby boy or baby girl.

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