Wednesday, December 31, 2014

12/31/14 - Week 12: Large Plum

Today the baby is the size of...

(Ok, plums aren't in season, so we used a small avocado for this one!)

Happy New Year's Eve!
I can't believe 2015 is hours away and will be without a doubt the biggest year of our lives.

Blackbird is the size of a large plum!  No wonder I have been feeling so much pressure recently. It's huge! The spotting has really slowed down in this last week and I'm hoping that maybe the placenta started migrating toward the top of my uterus. Because that would be lovely!

I wonder what New Year's Eve will be like next year. Trust me, we aren't having a rager tonight but next year we will have a 5 month old!
So fun to imagine what our life will be like with three of us.

Monday, December 29, 2014

12/29/14 - All About The Genes

Today we had our first of two big tests done for this trimester. 
We met with the genetics counselor and went over our family histories, etc. 

Because this baby is from my wife's egg and she's 36, we qualified for extra genetic testing due to Advanced Maternal Age (which is 35 and above). I'd like to think we're still young but if we get extra tests to make sure Blackbird is ok then I'm in! 

The office visit went over the tests that would be performed and they are able to review the baby's chromosomes through my blood! I think that's so awesome. Thank you technology. No amnio! 
The test will check for Down's syndrome and a few other chromosome abnormalities to tell us our chances that the baby has one of them. Like 1 in 300 kind of thing. There are false positives and negatives of course but this test is pretty damn accurate. So I painlessly had my blood drawn and said a little prayer and we will know hopefully in 10 days or less!

We will also be able to know the baby's gender because they test the sex chromosome! So in preparation, we did 10 old wives tale tests from random sites on the internet.

Here are the outcomes:

1) Baking Soda Test: Add urine to some baking soda in a cup. If it fizzes, it's a boy. No fizz means a girl.  GIRL

2) String Test: In this gender test, you hang a ring from a string over your belly. If the ring swings back and forth, it's a boy. If it swings in a circle, you are carrying a girl.  GIRL

3) Acne: Unusual breakouts means girl. No difference in skin means boy.  BOY

4) Key test: Ask the pregnant mom to pick up a key. If she picks the key up by the narrow end, it's a girl. If she picks up the key by the rounded top, it's a boy.  BOY

5) Morning Sickness: This test says that if you have extreme morning sickness that lasts beyond the first trimester, you are probably pregnant with a girl.  BOY

7) Mayan Calendar: The Mayans combine the mothers age at conception, and the year of conception. If the result is an even number, it's a girl. If the result is an odd number, a little boy is on the way!  GIRL

8) Heartbeat: If your baby's heartbeat is 140 beats-per-minute or above, it's a girl. Below 140, a boy.  GIRL

9) Cravings: This old wives tale says if you are craving salty foods while pregnant, it's a boy. Having sweet cravings? A girl is in your future!  GIRL

10) Chinese Calendar: This one is really confusing, but you enter dates of your birth year, etc and it predicts the gender.  GIRL

GIRL = 6
BOY = 4

What do YOU think it is???

Thursday, December 25, 2014

12/25/14 - Dear Blackbird, Part 1

Merry Christmas! 

We want you to know that we love you so much. 
I can't believe that next Christmas you will be 5 months old already. We can't wait to spend next Christmas with you. Everyone will be spoiling you! 
So for now you stay in there and keep doing your thing, growing big and strong.

your mommies

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

12/24/14 - Week 11: Lime

Today the baby is the size of...

I can't believe Blackbird is as big as a lime! That seems huge to me! 
And only a few more weeks and we will be in the second trimester thank god. 
The baby has a tongue and is using its mouth to yawn and swallow! So adorable. Oh and the fingers and toes aren't webbed anymore which is a huge plus ;)

I'm still experiencing spotting and it's still pretty scary. It's only enough to show up on a panty liner and there is no heavy volume by any means so I know everything is ok. The doctor said severe cramping and/or heavy volume like a period are concerns. And I don't have either of those.

I know we didn't come 11 weeks (plus years in preparation alone) to get to this point and lose Blackbird. But I just wish I wasn't spotting. 

Can't the placenta move up already?? 
Do I need to stand on my head? Cause I'm considering it!!

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

12/23/14 - Tiny Dancer

Today we went to the doctor because I have had some spotting for over a week and we wanted to make sure everything was ok. The spotting had been minimal and light brown and yesterday it was dark brown and there was more of it. Also yesterday I was feeling lower abdominal pressure. So of course all of these combinations freaked me out! I don't want to see anything coming out of me for 9 months, let alone some blood!

We went back to the IVF office and met with another doctor since ours is currently on maternity leave (even the baby doctors are having babies!). The doctor immediately saw the heartbeat and showed us so we felt better. 
I started crying of course. 
I felt so much better that we went and now we know Blackbird is just fine. They said the placenta is low and near the cervix so that could cause a little bleeding. But this should all be fine and the placenta will move up as the baby grows.

Then they showed us the baby again. 
It was DANCING! 
We saw it moving around like crazy in there! And I saw its arm! It is looking like a tiny baby dancer! And my wife's favorite thing to do is have dance parties, so this made her cry!  
Blackbird was like, "I got this moms! I'm good! Don't worry!"

The heartbeat was 150 beats per minute and the doctor said that's perfect. The doctor also said that a third of women experience spotting especially in the first trimester. 
Let's start talking about this shit ladies!!!! That way we won't think it's so abnormal and we won't stress out as much!

And then we asked the doctor about the fact that I touched spackle and this made them laugh. I said it was their weird question of the day. They reassured us that if I don't eat it I should be fine! Whew!

Sunday, December 21, 2014

12/21/14 - Spack-Attack

When you're pregnant, you can't do everything that you used to. 
Like I obviously can't get bombed at a friend's party anymore or drink three cups of coffee the next day to help with that inevitable hangover.
What you also can't do is spackle. 

For those who know me, I'm extremely handy around the house (no pun intended). I love installing new light fixtures and thermostats or painting and spackling. Well, today we reorganized some accent furniture pieces and we had two holes in the wall that were now visible and needed to be patched. 

So do I ask my wife to do that? 
Of course not! 
I'm the handy one! 

I get out the "patch and paint" container and smear it over the holes. The one hole wasn't smoothing out, so I touched it slightly and BAM the hole was covered. I washed my hands immediately and put the container away.

Later Julia and I were talking about another hole that needed to be patched and when I offered to do it, she asked if the spackle was safe. 
I said, "Sure!" 
She asked to see the container and I wouldn't let her! 

I read the labels and there was a nice warning about "avoiding skin contact" and the "chemicals inside can cause birth defects". Great. I never thought about this before and suddenly my heart sank. Did I hurt Blackbird?? 
I immediately admitted to my wife that I touched the spackle and shouldn't have and we are just new to all this and are still learning. It's hard to go from being able to do everything to having to think about every single thing you do or put in your body. 

I'm feeling fine and I know that the spackle was on my finger for all of ten seconds MAX before I washed my hands. Absorption into the skin was minimal to none and let's remember that pregnant women have done far stupider things than this and still had normal, healthy babies. 

As my wife said, there are pregnant women who smoke crack and somehow have healthy babies. 
So this made me feel better!

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

12/17/14 - Week 10: Prune

I can't believe I'm 10 weeks pregnant today! It's double digits territory!
Today the baby is the size of...

Apparently now the baby has recognizable facial features and is looking more like a baby and less like an alien!  Also, if it's a girl, the ovaries are forming with tiny eggs inside and if it's a boy, he's already making testosterone! It feels like so much is happening so fast.

My nausea is definitely better (although it was never bad to begin with - I was very lucky). I did have very minor spotting again yesterday - two more light brown drops and that's been it. I know that if something was really wrong I would be bleeding profusely and would be in pain I'm sure. 
Plus deep down I know that Blackbird is just fine and there is nothing to worry about. So we are still breathing and are counting down the days until my next ultrasound... 19 to go!

And I'm finally starting to show a little! Some of my button down shirts for work are a little tight in the belly area so I might need some bigger tops soon. Can't wait for this baby to get bigger and bigger!

Frankie is already protecting Blackbird!

These weeks in between doctor's visits are excruciating!  I just want to buy an ultrasound machine so I can see Blackbird whenever I want!  

I mean how expensive could they be?
Tax write-off???

Monday, December 15, 2014

12/15/14 - Spotting...

Two days ago on Saturday, I went to the bathroom and noticed two small drops of light pink blood. Ok, I thought, DON'T PANIC. Blackbird is still ok. Then nothing happened until Sunday evening when I saw two drops that were light brown. And then nothing the rest of the night or today. 

So just to be sure I emailed our IVF nurse. She was so sweet and called me to say that she wasn't worried about it at all. She said my cervix could have been irritated but she reassured me that if something was wrong I would be bleeding. 

So I feel much better and am hoping this doesn't happen anymore because seeing any bleeding while you're carrying a small green olive inside you is straight up TERRIFYING! 

I'll keep you posted but am hoping that it's over.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

12/10/14 - Week 9: Green Olive

I can't believe we are 9 weeks today!!! 
Today the baby is the size of...

The baby is no longer an embryo and is now a FETUS! 
And my skinny jeans haven't lasted past the start of week 8. Thank God I found some belly bands that are helping because zippering these jeans is not happening any time soon! 

I have been feeling less anxious about the baby. I know it's still in there! I feel a full lower abdomen and my boobs hurt like hell. My body is definitely letting me know that I'm pregnant. Which is still a strange thought. 

Here I am starting my third month and I'm PREGNANT! Such a miracle that we are thankful for every single day. Can't wait to meet this little Blackbird!

Monday, December 8, 2014

12/8/14 - Week 8: Raspberry

We're here at our last doctor's appointment with our IVF doctor. It's really bittersweet.
I see other women come in and out of the office and wonder what stage they're in for trying to have a baby.

We have come so far.
It's hard to believe this is still real and our dream is coming true.
But it's a great feeling.
We did it!

It's a good thing to say goodbye to this doctor and soon meet with our new OB who will end up delivering our little miracle.
But it's also sad. We've been on such a journey with this office and the doctor and nurses. It will be sad to not see them anymore.

But I'm sure we will again in a few years when we try another embryo transfer for baby #2!

Somehow we are already over 8.5 weeks!  I have been having some waves of nausea but luckily they go away when I eat something.  As long as I eat every few hours, I feel fine.  I thought I might throw up once but it didn't happen and I just ate a little snack and felt better.

The baby is the size of...

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

12/2/14 - Happy Baby-cember!

I can't believe it's December! 
23 days until Christmas! Blackbird's first Christmas! 

It's so hard keeping this a secret from everyone!  Our big genetic tests are in the next several weeks and then we will be in the second trimester and feeling even more confident and like this is really happening!

But sadly today what's also really happening is that I pulled my lower back out. It's always been a weak point for me and I think decorating our first Christmas tree on Sunday really pushed me over the edge. It hurt yesterday but today I'm a mess. 
Normally I would take a muscle relaxer but I can't do that now! So I'm home with a heating pad trying to loosen the muscles naturally. Although I'm dying for some pain relievers...