Monday, December 8, 2014

12/8/14 - Week 8: Raspberry

We're here at our last doctor's appointment with our IVF doctor. It's really bittersweet.
I see other women come in and out of the office and wonder what stage they're in for trying to have a baby.

We have come so far.
It's hard to believe this is still real and our dream is coming true.
But it's a great feeling.
We did it!

It's a good thing to say goodbye to this doctor and soon meet with our new OB who will end up delivering our little miracle.
But it's also sad. We've been on such a journey with this office and the doctor and nurses. It will be sad to not see them anymore.

But I'm sure we will again in a few years when we try another embryo transfer for baby #2!

Somehow we are already over 8.5 weeks!  I have been having some waves of nausea but luckily they go away when I eat something.  As long as I eat every few hours, I feel fine.  I thought I might throw up once but it didn't happen and I just ate a little snack and felt better.

The baby is the size of...

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