Tuesday, December 23, 2014

12/23/14 - Tiny Dancer

Today we went to the doctor because I have had some spotting for over a week and we wanted to make sure everything was ok. The spotting had been minimal and light brown and yesterday it was dark brown and there was more of it. Also yesterday I was feeling lower abdominal pressure. So of course all of these combinations freaked me out! I don't want to see anything coming out of me for 9 months, let alone some blood!

We went back to the IVF office and met with another doctor since ours is currently on maternity leave (even the baby doctors are having babies!). The doctor immediately saw the heartbeat and showed us so we felt better. 
I started crying of course. 
I felt so much better that we went and now we know Blackbird is just fine. They said the placenta is low and near the cervix so that could cause a little bleeding. But this should all be fine and the placenta will move up as the baby grows.

Then they showed us the baby again. 
It was DANCING! 
We saw it moving around like crazy in there! And I saw its arm! It is looking like a tiny baby dancer! And my wife's favorite thing to do is have dance parties, so this made her cry!  
Blackbird was like, "I got this moms! I'm good! Don't worry!"

The heartbeat was 150 beats per minute and the doctor said that's perfect. The doctor also said that a third of women experience spotting especially in the first trimester. 
Let's start talking about this shit ladies!!!! That way we won't think it's so abnormal and we won't stress out as much!

And then we asked the doctor about the fact that I touched spackle and this made them laugh. I said it was their weird question of the day. They reassured us that if I don't eat it I should be fine! Whew!

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