Sunday, December 21, 2014

12/21/14 - Spack-Attack

When you're pregnant, you can't do everything that you used to. 
Like I obviously can't get bombed at a friend's party anymore or drink three cups of coffee the next day to help with that inevitable hangover.
What you also can't do is spackle. 

For those who know me, I'm extremely handy around the house (no pun intended). I love installing new light fixtures and thermostats or painting and spackling. Well, today we reorganized some accent furniture pieces and we had two holes in the wall that were now visible and needed to be patched. 

So do I ask my wife to do that? 
Of course not! 
I'm the handy one! 

I get out the "patch and paint" container and smear it over the holes. The one hole wasn't smoothing out, so I touched it slightly and BAM the hole was covered. I washed my hands immediately and put the container away.

Later Julia and I were talking about another hole that needed to be patched and when I offered to do it, she asked if the spackle was safe. 
I said, "Sure!" 
She asked to see the container and I wouldn't let her! 

I read the labels and there was a nice warning about "avoiding skin contact" and the "chemicals inside can cause birth defects". Great. I never thought about this before and suddenly my heart sank. Did I hurt Blackbird?? 
I immediately admitted to my wife that I touched the spackle and shouldn't have and we are just new to all this and are still learning. It's hard to go from being able to do everything to having to think about every single thing you do or put in your body. 

I'm feeling fine and I know that the spackle was on my finger for all of ten seconds MAX before I washed my hands. Absorption into the skin was minimal to none and let's remember that pregnant women have done far stupider things than this and still had normal, healthy babies. 

As my wife said, there are pregnant women who smoke crack and somehow have healthy babies. 
So this made me feel better!

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