Monday, December 15, 2014

12/15/14 - Spotting...

Two days ago on Saturday, I went to the bathroom and noticed two small drops of light pink blood. Ok, I thought, DON'T PANIC. Blackbird is still ok. Then nothing happened until Sunday evening when I saw two drops that were light brown. And then nothing the rest of the night or today. 

So just to be sure I emailed our IVF nurse. She was so sweet and called me to say that she wasn't worried about it at all. She said my cervix could have been irritated but she reassured me that if something was wrong I would be bleeding. 

So I feel much better and am hoping this doesn't happen anymore because seeing any bleeding while you're carrying a small green olive inside you is straight up TERRIFYING! 

I'll keep you posted but am hoping that it's over.

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