Wednesday, December 10, 2014

12/10/14 - Week 9: Green Olive

I can't believe we are 9 weeks today!!! 
Today the baby is the size of...

The baby is no longer an embryo and is now a FETUS! 
And my skinny jeans haven't lasted past the start of week 8. Thank God I found some belly bands that are helping because zippering these jeans is not happening any time soon! 

I have been feeling less anxious about the baby. I know it's still in there! I feel a full lower abdomen and my boobs hurt like hell. My body is definitely letting me know that I'm pregnant. Which is still a strange thought. 

Here I am starting my third month and I'm PREGNANT! Such a miracle that we are thankful for every single day. Can't wait to meet this little Blackbird!

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