Tuesday, September 30, 2014

9/30/14 - Let's Move To Ojai!

 7 / 10

 6 / 10

Today I feel so much better. Somehow, I'm still constipated no matter how much prune juice I drink, but the bloating went down a bit in the night and I can walk a little easier! I feel like I'm turning the corner.

Embryo update for Kayt:
We now have some embryos in GOOD condition and some in FAIR condition.  They think that some of the ones in FAIR condition can improve in the next few days and be in the GOOD category.
I just want to move to Ojai, buy a farm and start having some babies!

We are so happy. I will get another call in 2 days and they will start to freeze whatever they have. Almost time to get ready for an embryo transfer! (After a few glasses of wine first!)

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