Monday, September 29, 2014

9/29/14 - Final Embryo Report

 8 / 10

 7 / 10

I still have a lot of fluid in my abdomen, which I read is very common after a high number of eggs are retrieved.

Some women talked about discomfort after their high number of 17.
Bitch, please!!!!

As long as my symptoms keep getting better and I'm peeing and don't have trouble breathing, I should be ok.

Final Embryo Report for Julia:
Today they were able to freeze some embryos in FAIR condition.  And FAIR embryos can certainly make babies, so this was an added bonus!

The good news is that we ended up with some GOOD and some FAIR.  We will try first with the GOOD embryos for a transfer and see what happens.
This was so worth every shot!
We are ecstatic!

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