Sunday, September 28, 2014

9/28/14 - Over Egg-chiever

 7 / 10

 6 / 10

I'm feeling much better and can actually walk on my own today! It's a miracle! I know in the next few days I'll be feeling even better, but for now I'm glad it's Sunday and I can relax!

Embryo report for Julia:
SUDDENLY, we found out there is an extra embryo that is now in GOOD condition. This is incredible news.
They are freezing what they can today.
We are so happy and so glad we did this again for her. It was so worth it.

Embryo report for Kayt:
Out of the 68 eggs, they were able to ICSI about half.
Out of those, about two-thirds fertilized.
We know that some will definitely drop off, but these are good numbers for the first report.

Our doctor recommends transferring only one embryo again this time, and we should be dealing with GOOD quality embryos, which greatly increases the implantation percentage. This is so exciting and so worth all of this.

Now let's get knocked up! I'll get another report on Tuesday.

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