Thursday, September 25, 2014

9/25/14 - The 6660 Club


9 / 10

 7 / 10

I had an appointment today and we are triggering tonight! Thank God we are not doing the HCG trigger (in my ass), and are sticking with just the Lupron.  Lupron shuts your ovaries down so I don't hyper-stimulate any more. There is already some fluid in my abdomen, but the doctor isn't worried. She said to move around slowly and be gentle. No running marathons! Especially not when my Estradiol level is at 6660! I feel like I might explode with eggs.

There are 30 eggs on each side and she thinks there could be 20 total that are mature. (Again, that doesn't mean all of those will fertilize but it ups our chances.)

I just have to get through this weekend. After the retrieval there could be pain, but at least I have the weekend to recover.

This football team is ready to come out!!!!!

Embryo report update for Julia:
We have some embryos in GOOD condition and some in FAIR.
Things are looking good so far!

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