Wednesday, September 24, 2014

9/24/14 - I-C-S-I, You Ain't Got No Alibi

 8 / 10

 5 / 10

I had another appointment this morning to look at my eggs. There are so many that they're all squished together on the screen.

It's looking like I can trigger tomorrow night, but we have to come back tomorrow to see. The doctor will get every single egg she can and it will be like an egg hunt!

Embryo report for Julia:
Out of the 9 eggs, they were able to perform ICSI on most of them.
Note: ICSI stands for Intra-Cytoplasmic Sperm Injection.  Basically they take ONE sperm and using a very fine needle, insert the sperm into the egg.  It's like forced fertilization.  Sometimes this helps your chances and other times it hurts them.  Yet another fertility crap shoot.  But we decided to ICSI all viable eggs (they can only do this to the mature ones) that they retrieve from both of us.

I'm hoping we end up with at least one embryo in GOOD condition.
Thus begins the numbers game.

When we did the IVF round in the summer, we ended up with only one embryo in FAIR condition.  We proceeded with the embryo transfer into me and it didn't take.  So here we are upping our chances with simultaneous IVF!

And it is extra motivation for me to get through this to help our chances as a family.

I got a call about my blood work and my Estradiol level is 5600.
Like whoa.
I can barely walk.

Best news ever: I won't be doing an HCG trigger shot in my ass like Julia did! That would send me into the ovarian hyper-stimulation zone. We are so happy because I (being a control freak) was terrified of my wife shoving a large needle into my ass cheek.  And in turn, my wife was terrified of sticking my ass with said large needle.
So I get to do a Lupron shot in my stomach, one at night and one the next morning. 

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