Tuesday, September 23, 2014

9/23/14 - Egg Retrieval Day

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My alarm went off at 3:45am.
That should be illegal.
Today is egg retrieval day for Jules.

Now it's 6:30am and they just took her back. This is always so emotional for me because she looks so vulnerable laying there in a hospital gown and you know about the complications that could occur because we just signed our lives away in a 20+ page document.

So I say my little prayer and hope that my wife is ok. At this exact moment, the eggs and the babies don't matter to me. I'm worried about my wife. My best friend. Without her, I am lost. So please universe take care of her and tell me that everything will be ok. Bring her back to me and then we will worry about the egg count and later the embryo count. She's my world. I can't do this without her!

So I sit in the waiting room, which is now somehow crowded and I watch the HGTV network and try to stay distracted.

After 35 nerve wracking minutes in the waiting room, Jules did great! Our doctor was able to get 9 eggs. (Jules had gone through one round of IVF this past summer, and the doctor was able to get 10 eggs out during that retrieval.)

So, we will see what happens with these 9. I think she has more mature eggs this time than last time. And that's really the most important thing.  They could get 100 eggs from her, but if they aren't mature (ready to have "ovulated"), then they won't fertilize.

So hopefully we end up with a couple embryos. We will get a report tomorrow morning and will know more every other day until day 5 or 6 when they freeze whatever embryos they have.

Fingers crossed for babies :)

Today is the first day of autumn and hopefully the first day of their life!!!

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