Sunday, September 21, 2014

9/21/14 - Trigger This

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This child army is growing! Especially on my left side, I can really feel my ovary. It's like a tree branch being weighed down by watermelons. And it feels so fragile and delicate like it could twist and freak out at any moment! So walking is definitely difficult!

Thank god I was able to borrow some clothes from my friend because I can't button my pants!!! I would have had nothing to wear to work tomorrow! I had some diarrhea and was feeling so uncomfortable that we called the on-call doctor so I would know what symptom to look out for in case I was hyper-stimulated. Things seem to be ok for now and I have an ultrasound and more blood work in the morning. That will shed some light on how big these baby eggs are getting!!!

Tonight we did the trigger shot for Jules because we got the green light for her to have her retrieval on Tuesday morning. It was the longest needle ever and I had to stick it in her ass cheek!

It was terrifying. And had to be done promptly at 7pm in order to time the retrieval accordingly. This shit is really down to a science.

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