Saturday, September 20, 2014

9/20/14 - The 700 Club

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Last night was a little rough since I didn't have the ice pack on long enough to really numb me. And I got a call yesterday from my blood results that we need to scale down my hormones.

The doctor thought my Estradiol level might be 300-400 and it was at 700! Oh this army is growing!

So last night we did a little less of one injection (Follistim) and the same amount of the other (Menopur). Tonight we add in a third shot, Ganirelix, that will keep me from prematurely ovulating. This really is a science.

What's not a science is the fact that I made one wrong move this morning and threw my neck out. So I'm bloated AND experiencing horrible neck pain. This is only getting better!!! I hold a lot of my stress in my neck, which is so weird cause I CAN'T BE STRESSED OUT DURING THIS PROCESS!  THAT'S IMPOSSIBLE!

We had an appointment for Jules this morning and her eggs are growing! She's getting blood drawn and we will find out this afternoon if we can trigger her tomorrow for a Tuesday retrieval. (There is an ADDITIONAL shot that is used exactly 35.5 hours before the planned egg retrieval.  This gives the eggs one last push before they are all ready to "ovulate" or in our case, be retrieved.)

Hopefully we can trigger her tomorrow and hopefully we don't need to come back for another appointment tomorrow morning. We need to sleep in a little and let these eggs grow!!!

Tonight we were watching TV and realized our kryptonite: watching the show, "Too Cute: Puppies". We both ended up in tears!

Then we had a discussion about our kids and where they would go to college.  Jules brought up that a lot of good schools are on the east coast.  And I started crying!  They don't even exist yet and I can't bear to think about them leaving us!

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