Friday, September 19, 2014

9/19/14 - The Child Army Grows

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What a difference a day makes! Last night we did another round of shots. This time I was more mentally prepared although that didn't stop me from feeling queasy and light-headed.

It's clear that I don't have a career as a nurse or heroin addict anytime soon!

Needles and blood still really freak me out. I watch Jules inject the shots with so much ease. She is so fucking brave and I'm so proud of her. I have half as many injections and am a wuss!

But just so you know how complicated this medication stuff is, here is the bag they give you from the IVF pharmacy:

And here is our daily set up:

We have to mix different medicines and they are all different doses and some even require two injections.  This is no child's play!

I tried the ice pack to numb the area before the shots. What a difference this made! I was done both injections within 10 minutes and was so damn proud of myself.

I had a blood test this morning and we are going to decrease some of the drugs a little because my eggs are already growing fast! I have a child army inside of me and it's starting to feel that way.

Walking is becoming difficult and damn the internet because I'm now reading all about ovarian hyper-stimulation.

Let's try to avoid this while the child army grows inside me.

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