Wednesday, September 17, 2014

9/17/14 - How Many Egg-zactly?!

I had my doctors appointment today. All of my eggs look fine and based on my blood results I will start shots either today or tomorrow.

Back to the eggs. Just to put it in perspective, Julia has one damaged ovary so we are hoping to get 2-3 eggs from that side. The other side has 9 total, but there could be others that show up once they are stimulated. Some women have less eggs based on age and genetics and they even can vary month to month.

Welcome to the fertility crap shoot.
Ok back to me.

I have 20+ eggs.
I'm an egg factory!
I've got more eggs than the dairy section at the supermarket!

When the doctor was on one side and said, "At least 20", Julia said, "Wait, what?!"
Of course this is a great number and we are hoping to end up with several viable embryos between the two of us so that we don't have to do this ever again. I'm a bit nervous about feeling so bloated with all of these eggs growing inside of me. I don't know where there is room for them to grow!
Each one could get to be almost 2 centimeters. Jules said she's worried about me feeling bloated throughout this. She is on Day 4 with 11+ eggs total and already has to wear yoga pants to work!

So I think I'm totally screwed.
And the screwed up part of me wonders what this will all be like in 5 days from now and if we will have killed each other or not yet!!
I hope we can start tonight because then hopefully in ten days we will be finished. And one day soon we will look back on this during our sleepless nights with a newborn and know it was all worth it.

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