Tuesday, September 16, 2014

9/16/14 - The Cliffs of Insanity

And so it begins.
My wife and I are embarking on simultaneous IVF treatments in order to maximize our number of embryos and get me pregnant!

Julia started one of her IVF medications, Lupron, on the night of 9/13 and the full gamete of shots started on 9/14. So she is on Day 3 of shots and happened to google "Lupron" last night.

Thanks google.

A lot of women blog about it calling it "the devil". We found a lot of "I used to be so nice and this turned me into a raging bitch."  
Oh my...

She is handling this all so well and because she's four years older than me and has a fewer amount of eggs, she has to take 4-5 different shot injections per night to give her the best chance possible.

I was on birth control for the first time in my life for ten days and have been off for 3 days now and feel like I might be getting my period. Which is real exciting. I usually get such bad cramps that I have to take Tylenol with codeine for the first day.  
I have an appointment tomorrow to see the doctor. She will do an ultrasound and we will see how many eggs I'm working with here. I might start my 2 daily injections as early as tomorrow night.

That's right, I said Daily.
I'm terrified.
Not as terrified though as when they have to take the eggs out, but we still have at least ten days to worry about that!

The thought of us both doing IVF shots at once is pretty insane. I was the shot queen in college, just didn't know I would be reprising that role in my lifetime!  Luckily, we are a few days apart, because someone needs to be able to drive the other one home after our egg retrieval surgery!

Our house is about to become so hormonal, our male dog and cat might pack their bags thinking they'll fare better on the streets.

Stay tuned for more insanity, more laughs, more tears and possibly bloodshed in the coming days!

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