Sunday, November 9, 2014

11/9/14 - ICYMI, I'm Pregnant!

Here I am watching football and remembering last Sunday. I was thinking ahead to today and hoping and praying that I would be pregnant. And now I am. It's still hard to believe.

I am so looking forward to Friday to my first ultrasound. Can't wait to see everything (although it's not much just yet) but to hear that everything is ok. I love this baby so much already.

So I just took an at home pregnancy test and ICYMI (in case you missed it), I'm pregnant!!!


That is a moment that I wanted to have - to be able to pee on that stick and have it light up to say PREGNANT. And in less than a minute there it was. I still can't believe it but this made it seem more real.

Before I took the test, I looked to see what the expiration date was. I bought this probably a year or more ago.

It expires 07/2015.
And guess what month the baby's due... Crazy!!!

Tip of the day:
We went to a lovely baby shower today. And I realized that when you carry around a solo cup with a straw and a lime inside, everyone assumes you're drinking vodka! My club soda and lime was delicious! Still can't believe that was so easy. Let's hope I can keep this up, because my friends know how much I love to drink!

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