Friday, November 7, 2014

11/7/14 - Week 4: Poppy Seed

I just had my blood drawn. I'm feeling a little anxious and just want to know this baby is growing like it should. I can't wait to get the results back! I know everything will be fine...just another mini waiting game!

I've been feeling good. Still in shock that this is happening. I so wanted to be pregnant by Christmas and now I am! I just can't believe it. I'm so excited to hear that heartbeat in two weeks from today.

So today I'm already 4 weeks! (They actually start counting from when you ovulated, so by the time you find out you're pregnant or miss your period, you are already one month in!)
The baby is now the size of a poppy seed!

Here is our tiny baby in comparison with a quarter:

My boobs are definitely hurting more but thank God the nausea hasn't started just yet. I get nauseous sitting in the back seat of a car, so this could be AWFUL!
I'm trying to eat everything healthy and organic that I can.

Blood test update:
I'm so excited I could cry. Got the call. HCG is 426.
I'm pregnant.
Everything is perfect.

The number was 196 and was supposed to go up by 54% but the doctor said it usually doubles. Well it did a little more than that. I'm having a baby. We are having a baby. This is feeling more real!

They didn't mix up my blood with someone else's!
I'm fucking pregnant!!!!!!

We go to the doctor for an ultrasound every week starting next week until I'm 8 weeks along and then I can see a regular OB. We are having a baby!!!!!

About one year ago we started really trying on our own. And it's been a crazy journey after trying to do it ourselves and eventually working with doctors.

We did it. 

My wife worked so hard making her eggs perfect and we got the best embryo from her. 
Then I worked hard getting my body and mind ready and now here we are. 
Finally united. The perfect team. 

We couldn't genetically have a baby together, but this is the closest thing. I'm carrying her biological baby and we are forever connected as a family. 

This is a really special time. I'm still on cloud nine!

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