Wednesday, November 5, 2014

11/5/14 - THE VOTES ARE IN!

I had my blood drawn and am now anxiously awaiting the doctors call in a few hours. I'm feeling completely nauseous. Nerves I'm sure. I'm ready to know and move on in whatever direction that is. Praying it's a baby direction! Last night I did the meditation tape in the guest room, and I thought I hope we can show the baby this room one day soon.


As it is the day after Election Day, THE VOTES ARE IN:

Omg I'm shaking.
Our doctor and nurse are so excited for us. This is incredible. I feel like I'm in a dream.

My HCG number (what they measure in your blood to see if you're pregnant or not) is 196 and I have to get more blood drawn on Friday in 2 days and the number should go up by 54%. Then a week from Friday is the first ultrasound to see the gestational sac and a week from then is the heartbeat ultrasound!!!!!

So by Thanksgiving this adorable tiny little baby will have a heartbeat and be growing great, I just know it.

By my internet research I think we are due around 7/10 and I want this little baby to know that your moms are so excited to know you're on your way.
This is the best day of our lives!!!!!

Today I wore my bright blue button down shirt and one of my favorite gifts, a flowered scarf from Greece that I thought would be good luck.

After I had my blood draw, the lady taped my arm with blue tape afterwards and said, "Maybe you'll have a boy!" Who knows! We will see if the tarot cards are right! And when I got home my wife was wearing a shirt in the same color blue as me! We didn't even get ready together!

I still can't believe this is happening.  And I keep thinking back to everything that I know helped make this possible.

My APPROVED baby-making list:
1) Meditation tapes - these hands down helped me get pregnant.  They helped my body and mind connect and helped me relax.  I highly recommend CIRCLE AND BLOOM and their tapes for any stage you're in TTC!

2) Acupuncture - this certainly helped with increasing the blood flow and circulation throughout my body.  A warm, happy uterus will help with implantation and I know acupuncture helped get my body prepared.

3) Therapy - I had taken care of my body and needed to take care of my mind!  Therapy works wonders!  It's really fucking hard but dealing with things as they come up is the best gift you can give yourself.

4) Pineapples - after the transfer I ate some pineapples because they supposedly help with implantation - and looks like they did!

5) Bed rest - after the embryo transfer, you are supposed to have 48 hours of bed rest.  I did very strict bed rest with the first transfer and ended up with awful headaches (likely from my caffeine withdrawal) and I focused so much on not moving and laying down that I think it didn't help.  This time, I only stayed home for 1.5 days (because the transfer was in the afternoon) and I did lay down but also watched fun TV and distracted myself.  I didn't make everything about the transfer.  I even did the dishes and made myself lunches, it was nice to just relax but not stay in bed the entire time.

6) Staying positive - this did wonders for me.  It's so easy to think about everything that might go wrong and might not happen and it's hard to stay positive and just have faith.  I know doing this and even talking to the tiny embryo during these days helped it to settle in and know everything would be ok.

7) Warm food for breakfast - my acupuncturist said that in the morning, you need to ignite the pilot light of your body, which is your kidneys.  And your kidneys are responsible for a lot of your hormones and your uterus, etc.  So if you start the day eating cold foods, you won't get that fire going that your body needs to help with circulation, etc.  Every morning I ate either eggs or oatmeal and even added some cinnamon because that helps improve circulation.  It's so important to get your circulation to a good place so the blood flow is moving and the uterus is happy!  Otherwise it will contract and the embryo won't want to settle in there.

8) Warm socks - a huge tip!  We learned this with the first embryo transfer.  They say that warm feet equal a warm uterus.  So every single day from the transfer on, I have been wearing warm winter socks and have kept my feet toasty.

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