Wednesday, November 12, 2014

11/12/14 - Week 5: Orange Seed

Oh hi there!
I'm pregnant in case you haven't heard!

It's weird because it's still so early that some days I feel like my body is going through a million changes and some days I feel perfectly normal. That is I feel normal until I stand up and feel light-headed. I read that is because of the increased progesterone in my body and the blood is being sent down to the baby. My body doesn't give a shit about me anymore and I wouldn't have it any other way!!!

I'm so excited and a bit anxious about Friday morning and our first ultrasound. I just want to know that everything looks ok and is progressing as it should. So we're just trying to stay positive and enjoy the big news that we are having a baby!

Today the baby is the size of....

We are 5 weeks along today!

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