Sunday, October 5, 2014

10/5/14 - You're Getting Very Sleepy

 4 / 10

 6 / 10

I'm feeling so much better everyday. Although every now and then I can feel my left ovary. Maybe it's still swollen. I'll ask the doctor about it if it's still uncomfortable this week.

Per a friend's suggestion, I bought some meditation tapes tonight. There is this site called Circle & Bloom. It is so comprehensive and includes information about nearly EVERY single stage of trying to conceive (TTC) and pregnancy.  I've always known that meditation is something that would be good for me, but I hate that shit!  I have no idea how to do it and need some guidance, so these tapes will hopefully prove to be the answer!

I'm getting excited about this transfer and feeling so full of hope. Like THIS IS IT!

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