Saturday, October 25, 2014

10/25/14 - Role Of A Lifetime


My wife is feeling better! She had been sick all week and I'm so happy to have her back and feeling more like herself. 

I'm deeming this weekend "the last weekend with my uterus as my own". 
I'm saying prayers that soon my uterus will take on the role of a lifetime, what it was made to do. And I am so excited to give my body to this tiny baby. My wife's biological child, the new love of my life. 
We decided to go with her embryo for this first round and then for our second child we will use my embryo.

I got a lot done today so tomorrow I can focus on being zen and relaxing. Then Monday it's go time! 

I'm feeling really excited and full of hope. I know it really helps that I've gone through this before. So I'm not nearly as anxious. I'm taking this in stride and am just plain excited.

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