Wednesday, October 22, 2014

10/22/14 - Hold Up


I had blood drawn this morning and just got a call from the nurse. My doctor said that I did ovulate yesterday, but today is actually day zero and the transfer occurs on day five. So the transfer is now on Monday afternoon 10/27 and my pregnancy blood test is on Wednesday 11/5.

I'm bummed that the transfer isn't on a Sunday, but I remind myself...thank God we didn't miss ovulation and pushing the transfer by one day is not the end of the world. We still get to do the transfer! And if the doctor thinks it's best, then that's what we will do.

Julia and I are going to meet at the embryology center and she will take me home and then probably go back to work. But this will all work out and I'm just so excited to do this!

And to top it all off I have had zero coffee today! Even decaf has trace amounts of caffeine. So today begins no caffeine. Hopefully for a very long time!

Bring on the sacrifices. I'm ready.

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