Tuesday, October 21, 2014

10/21/14 - FINALLY

So here I am in the waiting room with some anxiety. I'm hoping I didn't ovulate early by some chance and hope the doctor can see that I will ovulate soon and that I should just keep testing.

I've wanted this for so long and to be so close knowing it could happen this month and to then have to wait another month would be upsetting. I'm trying to stay positive and think happy thoughts. I know everything happens for a reason. I just can't help wanting it to happen NOW!!!

Just saw my doctor who always makes me feel better. She saw a large follicle and it looks like we didn't miss ovulation! So excited to get this started!! I'm feeling calm again. Everything is happening as it should. My body just needed to adjust and it wouldn't let me down! My ovaries look good and back to normal. I can still feel the left ovary sometimes, but I'm happy to know that the doctor said it isn't swollen and it looks ok. Now I have to get a blood test which will give a more accurate reading of how close I am to ovulating.

Update: The nurse just called with my blood results---I'm ovulating!!!!! I'm so fucking excited I can barely contain myself. Thank God Jesus that the nurse suggested I come in and get an ultrasound and blood work today just to see how I'm doing so we don't miss anything.

My blood said that I'm ovulating and we didn't miss anything so THIS IS HAPPENING!!!
The transfer is scheduled for Sunday morning 10/26 at 9am and my pregnancy test blood work is on Election Day 11/4.


Afternoon update: My doctor called and she wants me to go in for more blood work tomorrow just to make sure my levels are still going up.  My cycle has been wacky since the IVF and she doesn't want to do the transfer at the wrong time. She is all over this!

Fingers crossed I'm still on track because this will be so perfect to do it Sunday.

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