Friday, October 17, 2014

10/17/14 - This Is Your Second Warning

This whole week I've been enjoying the half caffeine coffee and today was my last one. When I did the transfer during this past summer, I ended up with horrible headaches. Even though I generally have only one cup of coffee per day, I thought let's really ween myself in preparation for this transfer in case that was the cause of my headaches.  My last cup of coffee was delicious and hopefully it will be my last cup for a very long time!

I'm ready.
Let the sacrifices begin.

Tonight we have friends in town and we are going out for sushi. Let this be the last sushi I eat for a long time too!

I'm hoping I get the ovulation symbol today or tomorrow and that we are on track for the transfer at the end of next week.

Let's. Do. This.

Afternoon Update: I got the flashing smiley face again so I haven't ovulated yet but it's coming. In the past I could get the flashing symbol for three or four days before ovulating sometimes. So I will test tomorrow and we can see what happens. I have to stay awake during the meditation tape because I think that is key! Mind body connection!! I have to talk to those ovaries and let them know it's time to go!

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