Thursday, October 16, 2014

10/16/14 - Hey Ovaries, You've Been Warned!

Finally!!! I did the ovulation test and got a blinking smiley face which is a warning that I'm approaching my PEAK FERTILITY window!

I had been so nervous that my body was still out of whack from the IVF shots and that maybe I wouldn't ovulate or that I did too early or that it would be real late. So this made me feel so much better.

Last night I stayed awake again during the meditation tape and it was all about the mind body connection and feeling like you can influence your body but at the same time let things be as they are meant to be. And I remember talking to my ovaries and saying, "Ok, it's almost time to ovulate. Let's get going here!"

And now I'm close! Coincidence or maybe something more :) I'm loving these tapes!

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