Monday, October 13, 2014

10/13/14 - Tarot Card Reading? Yes, Please!

I've been working on the meditation tapes but I keep falling asleep! The damn music and sound of the woman's voice are so soothing I'm out in 4 mins or less. So tonight I'm going to try laying on the floor so I'm not as comfortable as in bed.

I started using the ovulation kit tests yesterday, because as soon as I ovulate, I have to call the nurse and go in for an ultrasound. The doctor will check my ovaries for ovulation and my lining and see if we are clear to proceed with the transfer.

I have not tested positive yet for ovulation, but I think it won't happen until the end of the week. So a few more days to go.

Fun fact of the day: Apparently there is something called a TTC (trying to conceive) tarot card reading?!?!

My friend told me about it and for $15 you get a reading based on your name and date of birth. It tells you about all kinds of things including how long your labor might be, the sex of your baby, etc. Sounds pretty exciting!

I love this stuff so for only $15, I'M WAY IN!!! I'll keep you posted when I get my reading back.

Today I started drinking a half-caff (half caffeine and half regular coffee). I'll continue this through Friday and then it's off the deep end into the DECAF ZONE!

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